Project support and coaching

The project process
Projects in every organization can be managed successfully with a well-defined process and a clear-cut handbook. We will team up with you to draft a sensible handbook that works in the real world and facilitates your efforts to set up a project organization that suits your business.

Moderating kick-off workshops
A good start is half the battle won. You're seeking an outside moderator for your kick-off workshop? We can certainly help you with that.

Coaching project managers
It's not always easy for the project manager to make the right decisions. Our professional coaches can serve as your nonpartisan sounding board and accompany you on your way to making the project a success.

Project management qualifications

Structure and methods
Project are not all about structure and methods, but they certainly go a long way to getting the job done. In this module, you will be presented with all the options and gain a firm grasp of the practices and methods that will help you steer projects home.

Heading up the project team
The ability and professional skills needed to guide team members are key qualifications. We'll show you what options you have to lead your team to successful performance, even without formal disciplinary authority.

Steering stakeholders
Getting key stakeholders on board at an early turn is critical to the success of the entire project. In this third module, you will learn what options you have as a project manager to influence stakeholders and exert control in the context of the project.


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