Qualification measures to extend the behavioral skill-set – Building emotional competence

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Communication - Mastering conversational situations with poise and confidence
Communication is what makes us feel connected, valued and part of a greater whole. At work you may experience some situations where the communication is very positive and others where it is less so. Let us give you a solid grounding in the theory of communication; seize this opportunity to learn how to use your strengths and communication skills to conduct constructive conversations.

Group dynamics – Avoiding and/or managing difficult mediation situations
Some meetings and on-the-job workshops go well; others don't, giving you cause to ask yourself why. In this seminar, you will work with us to discover how to handle the various group phases in ways that keep your event on track and achieve a good outcome. You will also learn how to deal constructively with unexpected challenging situations.

Conflict management – Identifying and resolving conflicts
A conversation took an unfortunate turn, and it's been bothering you ever since. The experience lingers and you just can't let it go. What can you do? Work with us to determine what kind of conflict you're actually dealing with and what options you have to resolve it.

Leadership – Developing effective leadership behaviors
Behavior begets behavior. Or to put it more bluntly, what comes around goes around. Team up with us to discover how to recognize an employee's willingness to carry out a task and how an appropriate and authentic leadership style can inspire, motivate and help staff grow.

Leading project teams to achieve goals - even without formal authority
"I'm the project manager in name, but I have no real authority." You may be thinking about the best way of getting the job done despite this handicap. Join forces with us to work out ways to exert influence on team members and their interactions, steering the project in collaboration with stakeholders, and with their best interests in mind.

Negotiating strategically - acting tactically
Do you always get the better end of the deal when it comes to on-the-job negotiations? There are situations where the strategic outlook is not the only consideration, and a more tactical approach will serve you well. Work with us to discover how to prepare well for negotiations on both fronts, and how to employ smart tactics to deflect 'hostile' attacks.  

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