Qualification measures to structure the task – Streamlining the workflow

You're new to the project business. Or perhaps you've been at it for a while, but have reason to wonder why projects are so often prone to glitches and customer satisfaction is not so easily attained. The three modules of our Project Management qualification program take you through a structured approach that empowers you to lead the team and guide stakeholders to the fertile ground where your projects bear fruit.

No one is born a gifted speaker. You've experienced situations where you don't feel quite as comfortable and confident as you would like, and wish to learn how to prepare and present persuasive presentations. We will take you through all the steps of putting together a visually compelling presentation and taking charge of your personal brand to get your message across.

Planning and conducting workshops with poise and confidence
You're often called upon to design workshops, and you're sure there has to be a more methodical, structured way of getting the job done. Join us as we explore how to engage and inspire your audience to turn listeners into collaborators and co-designers. Get acquainted with the moderator's toolbox and learn how to use these tools that persuade participants to invest an emotional stake and buy into your goals.

We will be happy to tailor the training to your needs. Give us a call.

the workflow

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