CommCom-communication competence

Qualification measures

to structure the issue – rational approach


Structuring of projects – methodical and professional approach

You are new or already experienced in project management and you wonder, why problems and dissatisfaction keep occurring in projects. Learn from our qualification courses (module 1-5, according to requirements), how to tackle a project in a structured way as well as guiding a team and stakeholders, in order to successfully complete projects.



Organise workshops/meetings and lead them to complete success

You often design and tackle workshops or meetings – but how does that actually work in a structured way? We work out together how to turn participants into contributors! Get to know the large repertoire of moderating, to increase the target orientation and to involve the participants emotionally.



Convincing presentation – inspire people

Not everyone is born a gifted speaker. Of course, you know situations in which you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Get to know how to prepare a presentation well and present it convincingly. In advance, we concentrate on the visual process of the presentation and the individual impact when presenting.

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