CommCom-communication competence

Qualification measures

to expand the behavioural repertoire – emotional skills


Communication, the basis for professional and successful cooperation

We all communicate every day, often more unconsciously than consciously, which often creates problems. This training teaches you the basics of good and conscious communication, reflects on your own communication style and provides tips and tricks on how to professionally communicate and notice your conversational behaviours.


Leading project teams to the target even without authority!

“Now I am the project leader, but without power!” – how this is supposed to work? Together we will work on your management position, how to exert influence on your team members and their teamwork. You will experience how to manage the project environment with the stakeholders and to influence it in your own way.


Make good decisions and implement them successfully!

Who does not know this? A decision has to be made but you just don't get anywhere. Sometimes we do not dare to decide, sometimes we decide spontaneously without giving much thought to the consequences. Or we make decisions and the implementation doesn’t happen.

In this training we look at the psychology and methods of decision-making, so that you can confidently make AND implement even more good decisions in the future!
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